Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All about the p-dents

After some debate, I think I figured out what I’m doing for #20 on my list. As a refresher course, here it is! 

Learn a lot about one thing. I mostly know a little about a lot. I’d like to become fairly knowledgeable about something that isn’t serial killers, forensic pathology, or horror movies. Wow. I’m weird. I’m not sure what, yet? Any ideas?
The thing I picked? US Presidents! I’m moderately knowledgeable about them, as much as most standard High School grads are, I guess. I can discuss the major players and the heavy hitters, but what about the rest? Each month I will pick a more obscure President or one I’d like to learn more about and find out as much information as him that I can. Wikipedia pages, weird fan sites, possibly biographies (depending on how much time I have!)

What did Chester Arthur do?? Don’t know much about the guy. Zachary Taylor? I don’t know! He probably did stuff!!  Maybe it was important! I’m probably dumb for not knowing this! History buffs are probably rolling their eyes and cringing right now. Do you have a favorite President? I have a soft spot for Teddy Bear Roosevelt. I did a book report on him in the 6th grade and he’s been my favorite ever since. He got shot during a speech! AND HE FINISHED HIS SPEECH HOW COOL IS THIS GUY ANSWER, VERY COOL.

My first President shall be… Rutherford B. Hayes because his name is fun to say.


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