Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not the same old, same old

Another one of my plans (aside from consuming copious amounts of media/entertainment) was to do at least one new thing a month. I wanted to keep that deliberately open ended because the idea was just to experience new things. It’s fairly common and typical to get stuck in ruts. Eat at the same restaurants, go to the same bars, see movies at the same theaters, etc. Here are some of the new things I did that I can think of off the top of my head.
This happened, in fact, on my birthday! I went to *The Lion and Crown* near my apartment. It was… okay. They had a good selection of beers and good happy hour prices. The food was about what you would expect from a pub. The service was pretty terrible. There were only a handful of people there on a Tuesday night and most of them were clustered around the bar. We sat over separate from the bar off by ourselves and it took a good 10 minutes to even have a waiter approach us. I will probably go there again if I just want to drink and have a chat, but not for dinner or speedy service.
Went to two new restaurants! Well, new to me. One is actually new though!
*Pho Que Huong* this barely qualifies. I went there after a shopping trip with a friend for a late night bite. It was right before closing and I just got two spring rolls. No complaints here! It was quiet, the food was reasonably priced and tasted fine, and the service was acceptable. I will probably be returning at some point if I find myself craving Vietnamese food!
*Haystack Burgers* This place is actually new in addition to being new to me! It’s a burger joint next to the new Alamo in Richardson. They are what I guess you would consider gourmet burgers so the price is a little higher than other places. You order at the counter and they bring your food out to you. It’s pretty busy but they have outdoor seating in addition to indoor so in the 6 months we have acceptable weather you’d be fine! Since the burgers are hot and fresh it does take awhile to come out, so I wouldn’t go if you were starving or in a big rush. I think it probably took around 15 minutes? I had the namesake burger which IIRC has onion uh, not rings but breaded and fried onion strings? I guess? Anyway, those, plus bacon and bbq sauce and a HUGE patty. It was super delicious. My dining companion had fries and they appear to be super fresh and made there. I really liked this place and will be back for sure.
*Alamo Drafthouse* I’m including this because it’s a brand new theater. If you’re into movies you know what this place is and it’s every bit as awesome as you think. I will probably be going here with friends from now on instead of other theaters. Solo I will probably visit the new, also serves food, LOOK Cinemas that’s within walking distance of work and home.
*Lego Exhibit* This was unexpected and pretty cool! I was at the Dallas Galleria doing some shopping with a friend and we happened to walk by this store that appeared to have Lego buildings and stuff inside. The employees lured us in and for $5 a pop we got to go on a scavenger hunt and see about 15 Dallas landmarks done in painstakingly detailed Lego. I took a bunch of pictures that are available to view on G+. It was a lot of fun and afterwards we played with Lego. I didn’t plan this and didn’t even know it existed but I’m glad I got to experience it!
So that was August! September… who knows!


aphoticink2011 said...

...oh god, you're the second person I've heard mention the Alamo Drafthouse. One day.

(Hi, it's Frances.)

Jez In Dallas said...

It is basically the best theater!

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